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2021 New Years Gift Giving To DIC2 Staff Ceremony

On Tuesday morning, February 2nd, 2021, Executive Board and Union of DIC no. 2 held a ceremony to give gifts for staff in company.

In the ceremony, Mr. Pham Duc Dung – Chairman of the Board – gave a speech about 2020: Covid-19 pandemic outbreak had been affecting severely production – business activities of many enterprises and DIC no.2 JSC was not an exception. In addition, Mr. Pham Duc Dung praised the outstanding efforts of all departments, especially the Construction Economics Department, which had brought many good bid news for company.

Thereby, Mr. Pham Duc Dung wished a “Security, good health and prosperity” and “A myriad things go according” year for all staff and their families.

Moreover, Mr. Pham Duc Dung also reminded all staff in the company to be very careful during this Tet holiday because of the complicated pandemic situation. It’s recommended that all staff to postpone all travel plans in Tet holiday. After the pandemic is controlled, DIC no.2 company will arrange for staff to take leave to visit their families and relatives later.

Some taken pictures at the ceremony:

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