Infrastructure construction & Foundation treatment

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Infrastructure construction & Foundation treatment

With strong advantages like experience in foundation construction as well as foundation treatment along with the desire to develop infrastructure systems for the community and society, DIC-2 aims to promote the development of resources and construction technology construction of technical infrastructure projects in Vietnam

DIC-2’s main business fields are always Construction & Installation and Foundation treatment. In addition, DIC-2 is affirmed as Viet Nam’s one of the leading contractors in this field

Specifically, we are providing services of infrastructure construction & foundation treatment, including:

- Construction materials production (sand, stones, bricks…); Precast concrete components production; Reinforced concrete casting and pressing by hydraulic press machine

- Foundation treatment for  Residential construction, Non-residential construction (cultural, sport, commercial, official construction)

- Industrial construction; Traffic construction (bridges, streets, pipes…);  Irrigation construction; Pumping station construction; Structures construction

- Equipment providing and Finishing works for construction sites.

- Preliminary works (site excavating, filling and grading, concrete demolition, internal roads in construction site)

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Address: No.5, Street no.6, Chi Linh Urban Area, Thang Nhat Ward, Vung Tau City

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Development Investment Construction Number 2 JSC

Address: No. 5 Road 6 Chi Linh urban area, Thang Nhat ward, Vung Tau city

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