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Vission & Mission

Development Investment Construction Number 2 Joint Stock Company (DIC) was established in 2005. With nearly 15 years of construction and development, DIC2 has strongly affirmed the position of a General contractor in the fields of high-rise buildings construction, pile pressing and foundation treatment in Vietnam.

With projects which DIC is as General Contractor, we pioneer the application of new construction methods and advanced construction technologies to the construction. The construction works are always guaranteed the quality, schedule and labor safety and environmental sanitation in the construction.

We have a team with solidarity, closeness, in-depth knowledge, steady skills and experience in implementing the projects on many scales, full of enthusiasm, passion, and initiative, the inquisitive spirit, always in the ready position to conquer new heights.

Development Investment Construction Number 2 JSC

Address: No. 5 Road 6 Chi Linh urban area, Thang Nhat ward, Vung Tau city

Tel: 0254.3613 944  - Fax: 0254.3584864 - 0254.3616365



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